Tecum Announces Investment in Bolts & Nuts Corporation

Tecum Capital Partners Announces a New Subordinated Debt and Equity Investment in Bolts & Nuts Corporation to Support the Acquisition of Challenger Component Services

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Tecum Capital Partners (“Tecum”) is pleased to announce a new subordinated debt and equity investment in Bolts & Nuts Corporation (“B&N” or the “Company”) to support the acquisition of Challenger Component Services (“Challenger”). Tecum has partnered with existing management and Nebraska Heavy Industries (“NHI”) of Lincoln, NE on this transaction, which marks the second time Tecum has provided capital to B&N. Tecum originally invested in the company back in December 2013 and recognized a successful full realization in March 2017.

Founded in 1979 and based in Chattanooga, TN, B&N is a leading full-service distributor of commercial and construction bolts, fasteners, and MRO supplies. The Company has experienced teams in Chattanooga, TN, Lincoln, NE, Louisville, KY, Burr Ridge, IL, Macon, GA, and Hayward, CA, all serving a diverse national customer base in over 40 states.

The Company’s acquisition, Challenger, was founded in 2003 in Nashville, TN. Challenger is a value-added distributor of custom, application-specific precision engineered parts including cold formed/multi-operation parts, fasteners, machined components, rubber molded products, castings, and more. Over the past 14 years, Challenger has cultivated a best-in-class global supply base comprised of domestic and international manufacturers.

“We are thrilled to partner again with our old friends at NHI and B&N, as well as our new friends at Challenger. Our past experiences with these individuals give us great confidence that B&N will continue its growth trajectory by successfully integrating the Challenger business,” noted Stephen Gurgovits, Jr., Tecum founder and managing partner.

About Nebraska Heavy Industries
NHI is an investment and management firm of operating professional that seeks to purchase controlling interests in undervalued situations. Through operating and structuring know-how, they aim to generate greater shareholder value by re-structuring and re-aligning operating entities in order to achieve maximum operating efficiencies and profitability for long-term value creation.

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