Remote DBA Experts, LLC

remote dbaRemote DBA Experts, LLC, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of high-quality, customized remote database administration services to client organizations throughout the United States. The Company’s database management services include database design and creation, configuration, security and connection management, proactive monitoring utilizing proprietary technology tools and backup recovery planning, testing and tuning. The Company also provides database problem determination and correction, space management security administration/maintenance, schema object creation/management and consultation support.  F.N.B. Capital Corporation provided mezzanine debt capital to facilitate the leveraged spinout of Remote DBA Experts from parent company, Contemporary Technologies, Inc.  The capital will also support the continued growth and expansion of Remote DBA Experts, enabling the Company to expand its focus, resources and expertise in providing mission-critical remote database management and support to an even broader client base. To learn more about this Company, please visit their website at  Read more about this transaction.

F.N.B. Capital was successfully recapitalized out of this investment during October 2011.

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