Tecum is the Latin adverb meaning “with you”.  It is also our abbreviation for Tecumseh, a great American Indian (1768-1813), who was a leader of the Indian alliance originating from the Ohio River Valley.

Tecumseh was a legendary warrior, who earned respect for both moral courage and living an uncompromising ethical life.

Tecumseh was born in Chillicothe, Ohio, his name meaning shooting star.  He built his reputation as a quick thinker and overcoming any odds.  He was a skillful diplomat and excellent negotiator, who defended his native lands from unruly expansion and occupation.  He was known for unflagging energy, dedication and vision.

Our team has adopted the Tecum name for its literal meaning as synonymous with “partnering” and as an abbreviation for a great native American, who represented high energy, integrity, dedication and commitment to his Ohio Valley homelands, which are all part of our team’s core values and focus.

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