F.N.B. Capital Changes Name to Tecum Capital Partners


PITTSBURGH, PA – F.N.B. Capital Partners, the $200 million Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”) investment fund based in Pittsburgh, Pa., today announced its name change to TecumCapital Partners (“Tecum”). Effective immediately, the change reflects the firm’s commitment to relationship-based investing to support small businesses throughout the region.

The Tecum name (pronounced TEE-kum), Latin for “with you,” was selected to more clearly identify the organization’s approach to investing and to differentiate the firm in an increasingly competitive market. “The Tecum brand reflects our persona and style both as business leaders and investors,” said Stephen J. Gurgovits, Jr., managing partner and co-founder of Tecum Capital Partners. “The investments that we make are mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.”

During the past 11 years, through its managed funds, the firm has invested more than $200 million in 40+ companies. “We remain committed to strengthening the lower and middle market segments throughout the eastern United States with an emphasis on our regional markets in Pennsylvania and Ohio,” Gurgovits said. “Tecum Capital currently has a strong investor base, including a host of high net-worth individuals, and business operators, along with seven banks that serve as limited partners and help fund small businesses in need of capital.”

“This new direction under the Tecum name underscores our strategic focus on growing the small businesses under our own banner,” he said. “We intend to invite more banks to participate and be an integral part of those small business success stories under our new brand.”

However, the Tecum branding evolution is a change in name only. “Our clients can be assured that this is a seamless and transparent transition: Our team, mission and approach remains the same,” said Gurgovits.

Originally launched as a wholly-owned subsidiary of F.N.B. Corporation in 2005, the Tecum Capital team spun out and formed its first SBIC fund in 2013. Along with Gurgovits, the firm’s original founding partners include Matt L.T. Harnett and Tyson S. Smith, all of whom continue to provide leadership to the seven-person investment team. Tecum Capital has initiated plans to raise another SBIC fund later this year.



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