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Cadence Capital Management is a Boston, Massachusetts-based investment management firm specializing in actively managed domestic equities.  Cadence Capital Management was founded in 1988 with $20 million of seed capital from Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company.  In 2005, the company’s employees acquired their firm with a capital infusion from Rosemont Capital.  Cadence Capital Management is now an independent, majority employee-owned investment management firm.  In 2010, F.N.B. Capital Corporation provided mezzanine financing to recapitalize the company’s balance sheet and position it for continued growth.

Cadence has a tenured and experienced management team with a proven track record, as well as a customer services program that has helped the company grow to over $5 billion in assets under management.  The company has a diverse client base which includes corporate pension plans, corporate non-ERISA accounts, endowments and foundations, Taft-Hartley plans and public pension funds.  Cadence is also a sub-advisor for mutual funds in the Managers Investment Group Series (Managers Cadence Capital Appreciation Fund, Managers Cadence Focused Growth Fund, Managers Cadence Mid-Cap Fund and Managers Cadence Emerging Companies Fund). To learn more about this company, please visit their website at

F.N.B. Capital was successfully refinanced out of its position in July 2014.

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